My WSU Sport Management Internship- Week 10

And with the tenth week completed, my WSU Sport Management Internship is now finished! It is amazing to me that ten short weeks ago, I was just excited to start on my final semester for WSU. However, what I received and learned from my internship went far beyond the internship and classroom. Throughout ten short weeks here at the Coal Creek Family YMCA, I have introduced a new program concerning families and bicycles; Get in Gear bicycle clinics. These clinics allowed me to influence others through my passion of cycling. Cycling has always allowed me to be who I want, to go where I want. With working in direct correlation with the teen programs, I felt this independence through a bicycle would be a perfect fit for a teenager. Many of them accepted the idea with open arms, and others were excited for a possible future with bicycle programming with the Coal Creek Family YMCA. The teens have also taught me things about myself that I otherwise wouldn’t have learned in any other internship. That is to be yourself and believe in what makes you, you. Although young, I feel everyone can learn something from a teenager. They are filled with great ideas and often just want to express feelings they otherwise are unsure of how to possess. Through this internship, I feel it has made me more of an individual. Capable of speaking what I feel and most importantly, having the confidence in myself to say that dreaded word: no.


Club Tyee was another teen group that taught me something over my ten week internship at Coal Creek. When I first arrived, Club Tyee’s teen participants were just coming to terms with new rules and new leaders of the program. Over ten weeks, the kids went from unruly to well-mannered and understanding of formal structure. By the end of my time with Club Tyee, every Thursday became BINGO day. The kids loved this time to just relax and play BINGO. However, thanks to Jay, the kids also have a new favorite game: Ultimate Football Basketball. Through this game, played on a basketball court with a football, you utilize ultimate Frisbee rules. The kids loved this game and any chance to go outside was always followed with, “can we play that “Basketball Football Frisbee game?!”


Another group I was able to assist with during the duration of my internship was morning swim lessons. Swimming has always been near and dear to me following all four years of swimming in high school. Through teaching swim lessons, I came to realize how amazing it feels to show a four year old the fun of swimming. To have kids come in excited, and to have them walk out excited (and sometimes cold) was always a blast! I love my swim lessons and was happy to be asked to continue my education of swim, through a swim instructor’s position following my internship.


Finally, the group I saw change the most was our After the Bell program. When I first arrived, most of them were shy and unwilling to share about their day or even themselves. Unsettling to me at first, I realized it was teenagers gauging an understanding of their surroundings. Through time and some poking on the staffs’ part, we were able to get into some awesome ice-breaker type stories. The one that sticks out the most is picking one scar on your body and sharing (as long as appropriate) how you received the scar. Through this activity, I realized the group was all dare devils!


All of the kids I have had the opportunity to come in contact with, as well as the staff of the Coal Creek YMCA, I cannot thank you enough for making my last ten weeks of my internship so amazing and rewarding. I stepped in worried and concerned I would be shy and not very outgoing, to now being comfortable with who I am and being able to work with kids of all ages. Thanks to WSU for their requirement of an internship following my course work, I would have otherwise never thought to seek out such an opportunity. Thankfully, the Coal Creek YMCA opened their arms to me and allowed me to be ‘the intern’ for ten short weeks. Now I am proud to say that the title of ‘the intern’ has now been changed to ‘Teen Programs Coordinator’ for the Coal Creek Family YMCA. I hope I have the opportunity to meet all who have followed my journey through this blog, on-site at Coal Creek, as well as from the university. I hope I have made a lasting impression on you all, and I look forward to making the future bigger and brighter from here on out!


With that, I conclude my ten week internship… But one final thing, as Coal Creek Family YMCA has a large attendance of University of Washington Huskies: Go Cougs!  :)
Thanks for all who have helped me along this path. It truly means a lot to me!



Ryan Bibko

Former WSU Sport Management Intern for the Coal Creek YMCA/ Teen Programs Coordinator

My WSU Sport Management Internship- Week 8

My eight week of my internship has come to a close and week nine is now starting. It’s been such an adventure and I’m having so much fun. Last week saw the ATB Kids go to Boren Park, and also make a cake for teen Director Nicole’s birthday. The kids have been happy with the recent baking projects, between Nicole’s birthday and Pi Day (3/14). It has been so fun showing them how to cook for themselves without having to rely on mom or dad to cook. Another awesome part of my internship has been back working with Tyee middle school with Club Tyee. The kids have been rather disappointed in the recent changes in faces and new rules we have instilled on them. Prior to the new rules, the kids have been almost free to do what they would like during the 45 minutes of Club Tyee. With the new rules, we have the kids sign in and then group up at the lower area of the cafeteria. From there, we congregate and discuss the day’s activities. Colin and I have been working on one inside and one outside activity for every day of Club Tyee. The kids have grown to enjoy the new routine and today, March 25th, we played a game of Bingo due to the rain. They got gummy cheeseburgers for every Bingo they received, which always makes them more attentive to the game! Tyee has shaped up amazingly, and the kids have been warming up to the fact of things changing around. It is sometimes tough to get middle schoolers to enjoy new forms of an activity, but Tyee has proven that sometimes change is a good thing.

As for week nine of my internship, I will be spending it preparing for my April 1st (no, not an April fool’s joke) second- installment of Get in Gear programming. Through this installment, I will be instructing bicycle maintenance and cleaning clinic. From flat tire changes to helmet fits, to adjusting those tricky brakes and derailleurs; we will try to touch on everything relating to tuning and maintaining your bicycle. Hope to see you all out there April 1st!

Until next time,

Ryan Bibko

WSU Sport Management Intern

My WSU Sport Management Internship- Week 7

Week seven has come and gone, and I am feeling more at home here at the Coal Creek Family YMCA. Swim lessons have been a blast, with kids slowly warming up to the ‘new guy’ helping them swim. I have been enjoying the morning time spent teaching swim lessons and the afternoon split between the After the Bell (ATB) program, and YDC hours. Last week kept me local at the Coal Creek Family YMCA, as I often have been participating with Jay at Club Tyee. However, with a new staff member, Colin, I have been spending the last weeks afternoons from 3:30pm-5pm with the ATB kids finding activities around the YMCA. Although it is sometimes a struggle to nudge them away from the game counsels, once up and moving the kids truly enjoy whatever activity is occurring for the day.

Another big event that occurred for me in my seventh week was the Annual Campaign Celebration dinner, where one of our very own ATB kids gave a speech about what it is like to be 13 and a part of something bigger than herself. As a 23-year-old, it blew me away hearing the speech she prepared for the celebration dinner. It also was impressive to see how much hard work and preparation she put into it prior to the big night! In my last seven weeks here at the Coal Creek Family YMCA, I have watched the organization come together and rally towards a huge goal: raising $295,000 towards their target goal for the annual campaign. Last week, I found out that not only had Teen Programs achieved their $6,000 goal, and thus surpassed it; the entire branch surpassed their goal of $295,000! Even more impressive was the fact it was not just by $10, or even $100, it was over $11,000 over their target! I must admit, it’s pretty cool to watch that number be announced and feel the sense of pride and accomplishment in being part of such a huge accomplishment!

The kids have made these longer weeks (averaging about 45-55 hours a week… Ouch!) a lot of fun for me, and although I end the week exhausted, I am ready for the following week! Week 8 will most likely include more planning towards another edition of Family Bicycle Programs, with this next one involving maintenance and how to work on a bicycle. I am excited to see what these last three weeks of my internship bring to both me, as well as the Coal Creek Family YMCA! Oh yeah, and one final thing: I FINALLY HAVE A NAMETAG!!! :)

Until next week,

Ryan Bibko

WSU Sport Management Intern

My WSU Sport Management Internship- Week 6

After the conclusion of my sixth week of my internship, I can honestly say I have made my mark on Coal Creek Family YMCA. On Wednesday, March 5th, I promoted and put on the first of my family bicycle events. It was a kick-off event called “Get In Gear”, and I am proud to admit it was highly successful! Most notably, a family of four showed up and allowed me to aid in fitting both childrens helmets, as well as asking questions about future events for family cycling. Through this event, I had participants answer surveys concerning what they would most like to get out of a cycling program geared towards families and teens. It was fun for me to interact with participants and hear their needs and demands for more bicycle events through the YMCA. It was exciting to be part of such a movement and allow a gateway for families to inquire about future programming.

Although this weeks main focus was my Get In Gear event, I also was part of the successful teen program who met their $6,000 annual campaign goal! To make this even more impressive, I was informed this was the first time ever for this YMCA branch that teen programs had met their goal! To make it even better, through my swim lessons I aid with Monday through Thursday, I was asked to be a representative on a team for aquatics Swim-A-Thon on Sunday. I swam in high school and always loved the sport. Through this event, I was able to not only get a good workout in, but also meet and work side-by-side with other swim instructors and life guards I had yet to meet.

Week 6 was chaotic but an absolute blast! Sorry for the short post, but WSU is knocking on my door asking for more paperwork concerning my internship! I can’t thank the Coal Creek Family YMCA enough for all of the opportunities they have offered to me over these short six weeks. I have loved every minute of my time at Coal Creek and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me!

Until next time,

Ryan Bibko

WSU Sport Management Intern

My WSU Sport Management Internship- Week 5

Since my last post, week four and five have now come to a completion and they were definitely jam-packed with fun and lots of work. Week four for me consisted of Mid-Winter Break camps for middle school students looking for some fun and excitement through their Mid-Winter break. Day one was rock climbing, Tuesday was Whirly-Ball (almost lacrosse/basketball played in bumper cars), Wednesday was laser tag, Pacific Science center on Thursday, and  the week concluded with a trip to Snoqualmie pass to go tubing! Monday for me was spent preparing for my WSU Sport Management adviser, Dr. Wong, to perform his site report on my internship Tuesday. Come Tuesday, Dr. Wong, Nicole, and myself took some time in the morning to discuss my progress and future as an intern with the Coal Creek Family YMCA. Through this experience, I took away a great amount of pride in what I have already accomplished in this short amount of time here at Coal Creek. Back to the Mid-Winter break descriptions: Laser tag on Wednesday was awesome! I somehow managed to land myself towards the top of the leader-board a few times through our games. Something I could never do as a kid! Maybe things do get better with age. Thursday brought the Pacific Science Center, which was an awesome trip. We broke the kids into a few different groups and allowed them to explore the Science Center. From there, we went and viewed an IMAX movie.  After a long week of work, one would think we would do something easy on Friday, but not here! We went up to Snoqualmie with the Mid-Winter break kids and spent the day tubing in the snow. The kids had a blast and the weather opened up into a perfect window of time for us to venture up and down the pass safely.

Week five was back to, what I thought would be the normal work schedule. However, week five also brought in a new challenge that I had no prior experience in: swim lessons. I began the week working with kids on learning the basics of swimming, another sport I have learned to love through my life. The first day was definitely nerve-wracking for me. I was just thankful to have the kids enjoy the lessons as much as I enjoyed teaching them! Through week five, we also had some moments that truly stood out to me. Our Club Tyee group played dodgeball, and absolutely loved it! Jay and I also worked on programming some different ideas for the near future for Club Tyee. We also had moments in the YDC that made us truly smile. Sometimes, all it takes is two people coming together over something as simple as an online computer game to realize their similarities and consider each other best friends in a matter of minutes!

Week six will come with its new challenges once again. Nicole and I are launching a new program, Get In Gear. Through this program, we are looking to familiarize families with different aspects that often scare people off when it comes to riding bikes. Wednesday, March 5th at 5pm in Gym #2, Nicole and I will present the first of (hopefully) many different programs to help people gain a level of comfort, as well as independence through bicycles.

Week four and five have come and gone. I still continue to learn and grow through the opportunities presented to me by the Coal Creek Family YMCA. Five weeks down and five to go is how many college interns might view this opportunity. Some might just be looking to ‘check the box’. I love getting asked by the kids, ‘what do you make’. Although to them it comes off sarcastic, I tell them it doesn’t matter sometimes what you make if you truly love the job you have. Sometimes, the pay is an experience. A moment in time you otherwise wouldn’t have experienced if it weren’t for being there. That is what this internship has presented to me. I could simply check the box, or I could fully immerse myself. Five weeks of full immersion down, a lifetime to go. I want to continue to learn, to push myself, to struggle and ultimately find a way to better myself and everyone around me. Through this internship and the people who have surrounded me these last five weeks, I have no worries that I am in good hands. It is always exciting to imagine what the future holds.

Until next time,

Ryan Bibko

WSU Sport Management Intern for Coal Creek Family YMCA

Melody’s Goodbye

I admit, the past week was quite stressful. I had to fit about 20 hours worth of internship work into my schedule because of the deadline (2/18). On top of school and extracurriculars, doing four hours a day seemed nearly impossible, but I did it! And now I’m here to present some of my fabulous work to you.

Website buttons:


Cropped and edited photos:



IMG_0629 karl

Here is a history video that I was assigned to create. Hopefully this benefits anyone who is looking to learn more about the organization, whether it be a curious mind or a new employee:

Yesterday, Vicky asked me whether I had any suggestions for the next intern. I think that it’s important to implement a set schedule. When hours are really flexible, procrastination becomes really easy and as I mentioned before, I had to stuff over twenty hours into a week. It would also be beneficial to create some objectives at the beginning of the internship so that one could strive to reach those goals.  There are many different components of marketing: public relations, graphic design, social media…etc. Coming into this marketing internship, I just wanted a general marketing experience. I’ve discovered that I’m most interested in the design and video-making aspects of it. This discovery will help to lead my college career, as I now plan on double majoring in Marketing and Design.

As I wrote on my reflection paper, “The professional relationships that I have developed during this experience has set me up for success and will give me a leg up in my future career. Vicky has taught me how to think outside of the box, as we often had long brainstorming sessions. She gave me valuable criticism and praise for every project, and always challenged me by asking how I could potentially do better. I could not have asked for a better experience for my high school senior year, and hope to find more opportunities like this one in the future.”

Thank you, to the Coal Creek Family YMCA!

– Melody Lee

My WSU Sport Management Internship

Through trial and error, I have finally reached my first blog for my internship at the Coal Creek Family YMCA! First, I should introduce myself to those unfamiliar with who I am and what I am doing here at Coal Creek. My name is Ryan Bibko, and I am a sport management major from Washington State University. After completing all of my in-class work at Washington State, I have but one class standing in my way between being an undergrad to the prestigious ‘Alumni’ status; my 10-12 week internship. After completing all of my classroom work in the Fall of 2013, I sought an internship opportunity at the Coal Creek Family YMCA. With this internship, I am to demonstrate what I have learned in the classroom and apply it. My true passion is cycling and with that passion in mind, I reached out to Alethia Rodriguez of the Coal Creek Family YMCA. Through the assistance of Alethia, I met with Nicole Haskey. Nicole and I quickly found out that through our passion for cycling, we could offer a unique opportunity to after-school and youth walk-in hour teens who utilize the YMCA.

Currently starting my fourth week, there has been much adjusting on my end to the unique schedule that circles around the teen programs here at the Coal Creek YMCA. Unaware of what an internship might entail, I was prepared for a 9am-5pm job. However, after sitting down with Nicole and discussing opportunities within the Coal Creek YMCA, I discovered I’d be working more afternoon and evening shifts. Through this change, I have been able to utilize my time in the morning for fine-tuning programming opportunities for the cycling program as well as for improving my own personal well-being. My hours span from leaving my house at noon, in order to arrive at the YMCA at 1, until I depart the YMCA around 8pm. Monday through Friday is my usually weekly schedule, with a few variations thrown in. I work within numerous areas: ATB (after school pick-up program with local middle schools), Club Tyee (a community outreach program promoted through the YMCA at a local middle school. Projects and sports are promoted through this program and occurs after tutorial period is out, occurring after school hours),  and finally Youth Development Center walk-in hours.

Nicole and I have met with a few other respected local cycling community members through a meeting held on my second week of my internship. Through this meeting, we were able to plan out a road map on which we intend to implement our teen bicycling program here at Coal Creek’s Family YMCA. With introducing opportunities such as teen spin classes, maintenance clinics, safe routes to school/work workshops, and skill clinics aided by local cycling teams, we are positive that we are headed in a positive direction. The goal is not just to get kids familiarized with bicycles, but rather use it as a form of ‘networking’ for the teens. Some might take a love to riding bicycles just as I did at this age, others might use it to find out that they love working on mechanical things, or designing and creating objects similar to bicycles. The intention is not to force anyone to ride a bike, but rather embrace the idea of well-being and living a happy, active lifestyle. Whether that means actively riding a bicycle, or participating in classes, to figuring out a task or job the teens enjoy (such as design, building or maintenance of a mechanical machine which here is a bicycle) to see if it leads them down paths of majors at universities or career choices.

I speak strongly of my first three weeks here at the Coal Creek Family YMCA, and am anxious to see how the program unfolds itself in the coming weeks. The community that is the Coal Creek Family YMCA has been so supportive in me coming in as an intern, and I am so grateful for this opportunity. The sport of cycling is a passion for me, and has taken me many places. Just like I owe so much thanks to the Coal Creek Family YMCA,  I owe so much to the sport of cycling. With my personal life experiences in the sport, I know that if I can make one person happy and have opportunities similar to what I experienced through this sport, this lifestyle; then I have done my job.

As the saying goes: If you are not making someones life better every day, you are wasting your time.

Until next time,

Ryan Bibko